WATCH | Nick Ferrari reveals how much we’ve spent for each migrant stopped by the French

LBC host Nick Ferrari highlighted yesterday’s record number of illegal immigrants via the English Channel in his Tuesday morning show, also reporting on Home Secretary Priti Patel’s empty threats of withholding cash from the French authorities following their abysmal performance in preventing the illegal crossings.

In doing so, he crunched the numbers on the latest payments made to France – courtesy of the British taxpayer – to stem the flow of migrants, against the number of prospective illegals the French have prevented from crossing.

Here are Mr Ferrari’s findings:

“The £54 million deal struck on July 21 to double French patrols – more than 3,500 migrants have reached Britain in that time, the French have stopped around 1,700.

“So, assuming the £54 million has been spent, that’s £30,000 for every person they stop. £30,000 of your taxes! You’re paying more than £30,000 to stop them.

“We should celebrate that we’re a country that people want to get into here… but surely there has to be a better way than paying the French for their ineptitude!”