Patel and Raab could be sacked in snap reshuffle, say reports

Fresh reports in the Times have revealed how the Home Secretary Priti Patel, the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, and the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson could all be sacked in an impending reshuffle as Boris looks to swap key players out of his top team.

Potential substitutions have already been identified by keen observers of the political scene, with Liz Truss finding herself in a prime position to take over from Mr Raab after a successful stint as International Trade Secretary.

Brexiteer Michael Gove is supposedly keen to take Home Office duties from Ms Patel too, with recent work on domestic Afghan policy being seen as a potential incursion on Patel’s turf.

This website reported in August how Gove was a likely contender to take over from Ms Patel following her failed handling of the ever worsening illegal immigration crisis in the English Channel.

With Monday arrivals reaching more than 1,000 in a single day, the pressure continues to mount on the Prime Minister to shake up the role. With experience of driving serious reform in prior stints as Education Secretary, Justice Secretary, and Environment Secretary, the PM will hope that Mr Gove can finally get a handle on the situation.

While Patel is reportedly being lined up for the sack because of her handling of the migration crisis, Raab finds himself in danger for his handling of the Afghanistan crisis. MPs on both sides of the aisle have attacked the Foreign Secretary for failing to make a speedy return to the UK from a Crete holiday as the Taliban rabidly took control of the Middle Eastern country.

But reports have been less clear on the timing of a possible Cabinet shake-up, with many suggesting that Boris wants his new pieces in place for a post-Conference push in October.

Others have suggested that the reshuffle could happen as soon as tomorrow, although some internally fear that such a rash move could create headaches for the Prime Minister as he tries to push through his new social care tax hike.