Danish government: jobless migrants must work for their benefits

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has outlined a tough new plan to make jobless migrants work for 37 hours a week in order to receive their taxpayer funded welfare benefits, in a move that could help foreigners integrate more easily into Danish society.

“If you come to Denmark, you have to work and support yourself and your family” says the legislative proposal, which is set to be voted on by the Danish parliament.

“If one cannot support oneself, one must have a duty to participate and contribute what is equivalent to a regular working week to receive the full welfare benefit.”

Frederiksen is the head of a minority centre-left government in Denmark, which has buck the trend of the international loony left by taking a hardline stance on immigration. The party is reaping the benefits of the shift in direction, polling four points ahead of their 2019 election performance.

In March this website reported on new plans from the Danish administration to crack down on the rise of so-called “parallel societies” in Denmark, with a scheme that will see the government ensure there is a western majority in every neighbourhood across the country.

Interior minister Kaare Dybvad Bek justified the plans, saying that an area densely populated with non-western migrants “increases the risk of an emergence of religious and cultural parallel societies”.

In the same month, the Danes also declared Damascus a safe place to return to and began encouraging Syrian asylum seekers to leave the country and go home.

More recently, Denmark’s immigration minister Mattias Tesfaye blasted the EU’s warped open door asylum policies and declared: “My dream is zero asylum seekers in Denmark. I believe that the existing European asylum system cannot be defended either morally or politically.

“The asylum system is used for migration to an extent that our welfare society cannot absorb, and that challenges cohesion in Denmark. That is why we have to get asylum immigration under control.”