Afghan child killer wanted in Austria reached Britain via Channel posing as refugee

An Afghan male wanted in Austria in connection with the gang rape and murder of a 13-year-old school girl sneaked into Britain via a dingy across the English Channel and posed as a refugee, it has emerged.

Rasuili Zubaidullah, 22 was arrested in London back on July 29 and is now facing extradition proceedings in January to be sent back to Austria and face charges of rape and murder.

Austrian police arrested three suspects who stand accused of plying the school girl, known only as Leonie, with drugs before brutally gang-raping her and killing her back in June.

She was found strangled with her body dumped in a green strip close to one of the suspects’ apartments in Vienna-Donaustadt three days after her parents reported her missing.

The story got little attention across the British press, however it has been covered extensively by The Foxhole, including the aftermath which saw a left-wing radical feminist group storm the news room of Austrian outlet OE24 in protest for daring to report that the four suspects in the case were Afghan asylum seekers.

Zubaidullah, the fourth suspect went on the run, making his way to France before crossing the English Channel in a migrant boat that will have been escorted to shore by UK Border Force once reaching British territorial waters.

It is now known that he provided Border Force officials in Kent with a fake name and back story when he reached Britain on July 18, before being transported to an Ibis hotel in east London where he spent two weeks in comfort at the British taxpayers’ expense as he claimed asylum.

The story of Leonie caused an uproar in Austria when the country learned that at least one of the suspects had previous convictions for drug trafficking and brawling, and had had his asylum application rejected and a deportation notice issued, but he was still at liberty to rape and murder a 13-year-old girl.

Leonie’s mother told local media at the time: “I am so angry. Why hasn’t this person been deported long ago?”

The news that a wanted man from Austria for rape and murder had managed to con immigration officials so easily and arrive in Britain undetected has prompted calls for a more efficient crack down on illegal immigration.

Alp Mehmet, of think-tank Migration Watch UK, said: “This case is an example of why we are so worried about the potential for loopholes being exploited by criminals and terrorists who may be seeking to come here from Afghanistan.”

The Home Office has refused to comment on an ongoing case.