Paedo jailed for raping pregnant woman

A vile predator has been caged for raping a pregnant woman and attacking a second victim.

Corner shop owner, Mohammed Mourini, 72, committed the awful crimes in April and November 2017. His first victim was five months pregnant when he assaulted her at his shop, AB Cave on South Clerk Street, Edinburgh.

He first kissed her before removing her clothing below the waist and pushing her onto a sofa, where he raped her.

He then tried to offer the woman £20 to keep her quiet.

Mourini’s second victim was a Chinese student who he sexually assaulted at his flat on Cumnor Crescent. Again, the sick pervert began by kissing his victim before touching her breasts.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard during the trial how Mourini tried to hush up his victim, this time by contacting her afterwards to apologise, claiming it wasn’t his intention to harm her.

“You should not have done that,” she replied and posted an online review for his shop, telling the public the owner harassed women.

Both women were in their 20s.

The judge at the trial, Lady Haldane said that the victims suffered “appalling treatment at your hands”, informing the court that Mourini had previously been convicted of child sex offences.

Mourini denied the two charges. He was found guilty of both offences in August, but at this week’s sentencing was given only five years jail time.