Former Met DCI blasts “Guardian-reading” police bosses

A former detective chief inspector at the Metropolitan Police has blasted “Guardian-reading senior officers” for recruiting “their own sort of kind” and empathising with disruptive far-left protesters.

Mick Neville made the comments to legendary radio broadcaster Nick Ferrari on his morning LBC call-in show, calling Insulate Britain protesters as “silly champagne socialists” and calling for a tougher approach.

It comes after this website reported on viral video footage from yesterday’s outrageous M25 Insulate Britain protest, which saw a no nonsense motorist physically dragging one of the activists off the road after police failed to step in and remove the hippies in a timely manner.

“What you need is some ex-soldiers there grabbing hold of them, as Andy Trotter said, put them in the handcuffs and put them at the side of the road” said Neville. “That’s what the public want to see – the police pander too much to these silly protests rather than the guys and girls who just want to get in their cars and go to work.”

His comments echo sentiments expressed back in March by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, who warned police officers against being seen to take the side of radical left-wing activists.

Citing public opinion, the report issued at that time said: “for every person who thought it acceptable for the police to ignore protesters committing minor offences, twice as many thought it was unacceptable. And the majority of respondents felt it was unacceptable for protests to involve violence or serious disruption to residents and business.”

Police inaction on the M25 yesterday stands in stark contrast to police heroics displayed at the end of last month, when Metropolitan Police officers delighted the public by swiftly moving in and dealing with would-be road blockers outside the Science Museum and near London Bridge.

Social media users praised the “excellent policing” by officers who were “finally doing their job” in cracking down on the disruptive protests that often bring parts of London to a standstill.

Let’s see more of that!