“It’s fascism!” Richard Madeley slams climate extremist for risking lives in M25 road block

Richard Madeley blasted the actions of climate extremist group Insulate Britain, accusing them on fascism after holding up thousands of vehicles in Monday’s M25 road block.

The Good Morning Britain presenter clashed with one of the group’s activists on Tuesday morning’s show, questioning why the group believes it has the right to potentially put lives at risk with hugely disruptive acts in order to argue its position.

“How can you possibly know what’s in the vehicles that you’re holding up for hours? For example, how do you know that there aren’t parents with a child who is going to an absolutely vital appointment with their cancer specialist?” Madeley asked his guest.

“How do you know people aren’t going to their mother or father’s funeral? How do you know that there aren’t people going to a vital job interview that might actually be to do with helping to save the planet?

“You don’t know any of these things and yet you’re taking huge risks with other people’s lives. What gives you that right?”

“I agree with you that we don’t know, so you’re completely right,” admitted the climate activist. “I don’t think it’s about ‘what gives us the right’, I think it’s about what is the reality that we’re in at the moment,” he added.

Madeley pressed on, asking whether the group can justify a 7-year-old “who has an absolutely critical hospital appointment to deal with their potentially terminal cancer” finding themselves behind one of the group’s road blocks for hours and missing their appointment.

“I’d be furious,” replied the spokesperson.

“Well then why are you doing it?!” raged Madeley.

“Because what I just said, what we do in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity.”

“You’re prepared to risk that child’s cancer treatment and life,” Madeley put to the protestor, reiterating that thousands of people hadn’t just been inconvenienced by the road block but could have suffered serious, unforseen ramifications as a result.

“It’s terrible, isn’t it?” quipped the Insulate Britain spokesperson.

“Can I give you a definition of something?” Madeley asked. “A tendency towards an act or exercise of strong, dictatorial control over individuals, or, severe social regimentation, forcible suppression of opposition and the belief that the greater cause takes precedence over individual interests.

“Do you know what that’s a definition of? Fascism!” the host said.

“Why is that a price people have to pay in order to support your ambitions? It’s fascism!”

“If you wanna talk about fascism, right, it’s using weak people and lies,” the activist replied. “And what we’re talking about is the truth! That’s what I’m talking about,” replied the protestor, attempting to justify the group’s actions.

Not all those stuck in Monday’s road block accepted their fate, as one no-nonsense motorist received praise online after footage circulated showing him grabbing the protestors and pulling them out of the way.