Tower Hamlets chaos as man has hand chopped off by alleged vigilantes

Grisly social media footage has gone viral of a man sitting on a curb in Tower Hamlet having had his hand lopped off with a machete, surrounded by thick blood splatters.

Unconfirmed reports from the scene allege that a group of young black men had been terrorising Asian boys in the area, threatening them with machetes and robbing them, before one of the men had his own machete turned on him.

Local councillor Khayer Chowdhury, posting on Facebook, suggested that “this group has allegedly targeted innocent people in that area a few times” and that local residents “decided to take matters into their own hands”.

The London Ambulance Service subsequently confirmed that the man in the video had been taken to “a major trauma centre.”

The Metropolitan Police, however, have confirmed that they are investigating the incident and that people should not speculate about the underlying situation.

“We are aware of a video on social media showing a male who is visibly injured on a street in Tower Hamlets, followed by officers making arrests” said a Metropolitan Police spokesperson.

“The first half of the video appears to have been filmed following an incident in Golding Street, E1 that is under investigation. Officers attended with London Ambulance Service paramedics and found a 19-year-old man with a significant knife wound to the arm.

“A second man, aged 20, was found with a knife wound in nearby Christian Street. Both men were taken to hospital – neither man’s condition is life-threatening but the 19-year-old man’s injuries are likely life changing.”

This site has reported on a whole host of grisly stories to come out of the capital in recent times, as the ongoing crime wave under Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan continues to worsen.

Among those reports were chilling stories of a twelve-man pack beatdown of an off-duty cop, a gang slaying on a London Tube train carried out with a so-called “Rambo knife”, a huge London gang riding to Nottingham to bust into a cannabis grow where they eventually stabbed the occupant, a trio of thugs being caged for a combined 84 years after a deadly drive-by shooting, a vicious armed robbery gang being caught and caged following forensic investigation, and the brutal stabbing to death of a randomly chosen man in front of a six-year-old girl just because young London gangsters were told to get “notches on your blade”.