Members of the public vent rage at environmentalists blocking the M25

Yet more footage has been released of environmental protesters causing deadlock on the M25, infuriating motorists. 

Activists campaigning on behalf of Insulate Britain have been performing sit-ins along Britain’s busiest artery all week, calling for the government to prioritise insulation.

On Monday, dramatic footage was captured of an enraged motorist defying police officers who were bizarrely protecting unwashed activists by approaching one of them and dragging him off the tarmac.

Visceral hatred of the protesters has spread beyond motorists stuck on the motorway. LBC captured footage yesterday of an altercation between an activist and the owner of a cafe who refused to serve the protesters. 

In the clip, the doddering environmentalist can be seen doing a whip around for hot drinks with his pals, he then approaches the owner who delivers a firm rejection.

“What about the other thousands of people that are on the motorway? You’ve destroyed all their businesses,” he tells the protester.

He replies: “We tried, but they’re not listening! We’ve written to Boris Johnson making a very straightforward demand but he’s not replied to it.”

“Well keep doing it. Keep bombarding him,” replies the café owner. His colleague then proceeds to tear the protester’s feeble arguments to pieces.

And today, protesters were filmed lining up in front of a lorry stuck in traffic before gingerly sitting down and unfurling their banners.

The driver of the lorry hits the brakes, a furious rant then ensues. “Go find something better to do with your lives,” he says, then calls them “fucking scumbags” as he berates them for harming businesses.  

Unbelievable footage has also emerged of the police scandalously mollycoddling protesters. A female officer is seen standing in front of a bunch of activists sitting on open tarmac. 

Addressing them as if they are primary school children on a trip to the local museum, the officer says: “If any of you have any questions at all, just ask, and if any of you are in any discomfort or need anything, just let me know, and we’ll try and sort you out in a nice way.”

She then adds: “I couldn’t have phrased that in any worse way, could I?” provoking kindly chuckles from the sitting protesters.

No, you most definitely could not have. Shameful!