WATCH | Climate extremists allowed to walk onto M25 by police

Not only did the police ask climate protestors to let them know if they needed anything when holding up one of Britain’s busiest motorways this week, but they actually helped them start the M25 road blockade in the first place.

In footage obtained and published by The Telegraph, police officers can be seen facilitating the commencement of the devastating protests by climate extremists, which potentially affected the lives and livelihoods of many.

The video shows a police officer walking onto the M25 slip road in Enfield and controlling the traffic, before stopping vehicles to allow the great unwashed climate activists to walk safely onto the road and take their seats in the middle.

Their illegal blocking of the highway was not challenged by the police officers present.

In response, the Metropolitan Police briefed the press that it had made a “dynamic risk assessment” of the planned protest and had decided on the action it took to ensure protestors did not injure themselves as they marched into London’s rush-hour motorway traffic.

The police’s drawn-out response had already come under considerable scrutiny from members of the public, the media and government ministers alike, with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace calling on Thursday for a “swift resolution” to people sitting in the middle of the highway on Thursday.

“Many people are paid by the hour and don’t have sympathetic bosses. Why should they lose their livelihood because somebody wants to sit in the middle of the road?” he asked on LBC radio.

In other footage of the protest, police officers can be seen pandering to the climate extremists, telling them not to hesitate in letting the officers know if they needed anything or if they were in any discomfort – all as raged drivers piled up behind them.

The police response has resulted in home secretary Priti Patel calling for more “decisive action” from officers.

Because that worked in the English Channel, didn’t it…