10,000 illegals gather under Texas bridge in bid to enter US

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has blasted the Biden administration for encouraging a huge flood of illegal immigration by announcing plans to cancel deportation flights to Haiti.

Now more than 10,000 illegal immigrants have gathered under the Acuna International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas looking to illegally enter the United States, with Cruz claiming that numbers have increased sharply in the eight days since Biden’s government revealed that they would not ship illegals back to Haiti.

In one social media clip, the Texas Senator arrived on the scene and filmed the huge swarm of illegals under the bridge, dubbing them a “mass of humanity that has crossed and is waiting to get into America.”

He went on to call it a “manmade disaster” and insisted that it had been “caused by Joe Biden.”

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity last night, Cruz went into more detail: “Eight days ago on September 8, under that same bridge there were between seven-hundred and a thousand people. That was what was coming a day, about a thousand, sometimes eleven-hundred, but it would range between seven-hundred and eleven-hundred.

“Then, eight days ago on September 8, the Biden administration made a political decision. They announced that they were no longer going to fly deportation flights back to Haiti. 85% of the people under there are from Haiti. They’re fleeing from Haiti. They announced they aren’t going back – there were about 900 Haitians about the board the flight – when the political operatives in Washington cancelled the flights.

“Well what happened? Those 900 people all pulled out their cell phones, and they emailed their friends and they emailed their families and they texted their friends and their families.”

He went on to demand that Joe Biden follow American immigration law by deporting illegal immigrants back to Haiti, while highlighting the public health risks posed by untested illegal immigrants flooding across America’s southern border.