101 years behind bars for thugs who murdered NHS worker

The four vicious London thugs who were found guilty of David Gomoh’s murder last month have now been sentenced.

19 year old Mohammad Jalloh and 23 year old Vagnei Colubali have both been sentenced to 27 years in the slammer while 19 year old David Ture has been sentenced to 26 years imprisonment.

A fourth culprit, who was previously not named because he was under the age of 18, has now been identified as Alex Melaku. He’s been caged for 21 years.

“The four of you are part of a north-side Newham gang, who have a feud with gangs on the south-side of the borough. I have no doubt there are many who live in all parts of the borough impacted by the acts of those like the four of you, who seem to kill simply for the sake of it and show little or no regard for human life” said Judge Mark Lucraft QC.

This website reported in August on the group’s sickening crime, which saw 24 year old NHS procurement worker David Gomoh stabbed at least nine times by the criminals despite having no gang links – simply because “he lived in the wrong part of Newham and so was classed as a rival.”

The group set out with knives from a Stratford hotel last April in a stolen car with false plates, looking for a victim in Canning Town.

David, who was praised by his mother as “a charismatic, intelligent and focused young gentleman” was set upon by the thugs less than an hour after they had chased another man who managed to escape their armed ambush.

Top cops from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command later found the group’s stolen car less than a mile away from the scene of the crime, linking sunglasses found in the vehicle to Mohammad Jalloh and 17 year old Alex Melaku using DNA science.

CCTV evidence also linked the defendants to the car, and a search of David Ture’s address uncovered vile drawings that appeared to make light of the sickening murderer – with the culprits depicted saying things like “lemme m juss rass dis spliff” and “jump in de ride I’ll show u wats goin on”.

“The four defendants set out that night ready and armed for savage violence and it was obvious from the evidence gathered that their attack was premeditated” said Detective Chief Inspector Laurence Smith.