Iraqi asylum seeker jailed for rape of “effectively comotose” woman

An Iraqi asylum seeker who settled in Swansea has been jailed for 8 years and 8 months for rape, a conviction that was secured with the help of a security guard who caught the attack on CCTV.

26 year-old Turkey Al-Turkey, who came to Britain illegally in late 2018, pleaded guilty to the attack which took place next to a footpath by Swansea prom on July 18 this year.

The court heard how Al-Turkey had been drinking limoncello and vodka with his victim on a bench by the sea front, before the woman became “effectively comotose”, with police suspecting use of a date rape drug.

A security guard monitoring live CCTV footage then witnessed the Iraqi carry the woman’s body to some nearby grass and begin to rape her motionless body.

Shocked by the events, the security guard attempted to intervene via a public address system, shouting: “Get off her. She’s drunk. I’m calling the police.”

When officers arrived on the scene, the victim was still unconscious and could not be wakened. She later told officers at the police station that she couldn’t remember anything about the attack, leaving police to break the news of what had happened to her.

Although no trace of drugs was found in her body, both the prosecution and the judge in sentencing refused to rule out use of a fast-dissipating date rape drug.

“Due to to her level of unconsciousness on CCTV, the prosecution felt it went over and above what we expected and anticipated from intoxication,” Carina Hughes, prosecuting, told the court.

During the sentencing hearing, a victim impact statement from the woman was read out to the court: “What’s happened to me cannot be erased and will remain with me for the rest of my life.

“He has killed the spontaneous, joyful, carefree version of myself and only time will tell whether these traits return in full.

“The only positive element all of this is that he has been caught and is now going to be dealt with so that he cannot hurt anyone else.”

The security guard also revealed the effect that witnessing the attack had had on him, explaining that he couldn’t stop replaying the night in his head.

Jon Tarrant, for Al-Turkey, said his client couldn’t explain his “heinous crime” and was ashamed of his actions. He had no previous convictions.

In sentencing, Judge Paul Thomas told the defendant he had “serious misgivings” as to whether the victim had only been intoxicated with alcohol, adding: “She made it perfectly clear to you that she did not want a sexual relationship that evening but you plied her with drink so she became less and less able to stand or even to move unaided.

“You took full advantage of the situation, putting your own sexual needs before any consideration of the impact upon her,” the judge added.

He proceeded to sentence Al-Turkey to 8 years and 8 months, adding: “I fully expect that you will be deported from this country immediately upon your release.”