Police finally get tough on eco-extremists after third blockade in a week

Police officers have finally been filmed dragging eco-warriors from the highway after activist group Insulate Britain attempted its third blockade of the M25 in a week.

Surrey Police were alerted to protestors attempting to hold up rush-hour traffic at J9 of the M25 and J1 of the M3 at around 9am this morning, and confirmed by 10am that they had removed the blockades and arrested 24 individuals.

Footage published by LBC showed police officers forcibly removing those illegally obstructing the highway, despite protestations from activists claiming that the action taken by the police was “illegal”.

The scenes are a far cry from those witnessed on Wednesday, when police officers were chastised for actively facilitating the protests, with one officer filmed conducting traffic and ordering vehicles to stop to allow the protestors time to take their place on the highway and cause chaos.

A second officer was also filmed asking the climate extremists not to hesitate to let her team know if they needed anything or if they were in any discomfort whilst holding up one of Britain’s busiest stretches of motorway.

It reportedly prompted harsh words for the police’s top brass from Home Secretary Priti Patel, who demanded authorities get a grip of the situation.

The campaign group has refused to be deterred by the arrests, boasting that its activists had returned to participate in the blockades just hours after being released by police officers following their earlier disruptions this week.

The group tweeted on Friday morning: “Radio silence from @10DowningStreet on their plan to #InsulateBritain forced us to block the #M25 for a third time

“Paint has been poured onto the road, causing further disruption. We cannot afford to give up.”