Footage shows Hungary’s hardline approach to migrant influx, and it works!

The Hungarian government’s chief spokesman has posted thrilling footage of migrants trying and failing to breach the country’s borders.

Hungary’s southern border is a major entry point into the EU for migrants coming from Asia and Africa through Serbia. In January, the EU’s border agency, Frontex took the extraordinary decision to withdraw from the country following a migrant-friendly court ruling in December.

In that month alone, Hungarian border agents pushed back a whopping 4,400 migrants. Their actions were deemed to be in violation of the ruling.

“By continuing to participate in border surveillance and border protection activities, Frontex risks being complicit,” said Frontex director, Fabrice Leggeri.

In March, Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán discussed the Greek-Turkish border, another major migrant bottleneck – numbers have increased massively since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban last month –stating, “As a last resort, as in 2015, there are the Hungarians. Even if Greece’s attempt is successful, the EU border must be defended… which Hungary will do.”

In June, Orbán said “migration is inherently bad” as he proposed, “no immigration whatsoever be allowed for two years.”

Under Orbán’s leadership, Hungary has persisted with its tough policy of keeping unauthorised migrants out. The montage posted on social media by chief spokesman and Cabinet minister, Zoltan Kovacs shows squads of migrants approaching the fearsome barb-wire fences lining the frontier before hoisting their ladders to climb over.

The first half of the clip features scene after scene of these approaches, both day and night. The second half shows typical responses by the authorities with a series of shots of armed officers racing out in their SUVs to thwart the migrants’ entries.

In the caption, Kovacs writes: “This is how migrants are attempting to cross illegally into Hungary.

“Even if our political opponents try to dismiss it, there’s no denying that migration pressure is increasing.

“PM Orbán govt will defend the border of Hungary – and the border of Europe.”

We could learn a thing or two from these guys.