Clarkson slams “smelly, beardy” climate activists for M25 blockades in epic rant

Jeremy Clarkson has taken aim at the Insulate Britain activists responsible for bringing the M25 to a standstill this week, calling them “beardy people with Crocs and socks” and suggesting they find something better to do.

The TV presenter-turned-farmer used his latest column for the Sunday Times to call out the protestors who he suspects are “socially awkward” types with “smelly armpits” who were probably bullied at school and work and hate those who actually like the world and don’t want it to change.

He predicted that in previous generations before the technological advances of the modern world, these “sad” individuals would probably have “retreated in the evening to a dark place, where they’d eat biscuits and pleasure themselves”, but lamented social media for bringing like-minded oddballs together and creating a “melting pot of odourful losers and beardies and misfits”.

“This was the birthplace of veganism, cancel culture, Joe Biden and, more recently, extreme concern about loft insulation,” he quipped in reference to Facebook.

The former Top Gear man and motor enthusiast claimed to feel “rather sorry” for activists spending their time sitting on highways who he suspected “dont have anything better to do or anywhere better to be”, and pledged to give them the wool his sheep produce every year to insulate their roofs so that everyone else can “get on with the important business of doing something about climate change.”

The activists have been scolded by the public and politicians alike this week for causing chaos on one of Britain’s busiest stretches of motorway, but they did find some support on Sunday from Green Party MP Caroline Lucas who refused to condemn the actions of the eco-warriors, insisting that “in extreme situations it is reasonable to take extreme actions.”