Tory MPs pen letter to PM, demanding Human Rights Act is SCRAPPED

A group of 60-strong Conservative backbench MPs have written to prime minister Boris Johnson, calling on him to do away with burdensome human rights legislation currently hindering the government’s ability to tackle the migrant crisis and deport foreign criminals.

The Common Sense Group, chaired by Sir John Hayes slammed the “obstructive, outdated” Human Rights Act which enshrined the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, insisting it is now predominantly used by left-wing lawyers to prevent the deportations of foreign criminals and illegal immigrants.

“The Common Sense Group shares your frustration at the seemingly endless series of illegal Channel crossings, and welcomes the Government’s determination to take whatever steps necessary to curb them,” the letter read.

“The rallying cry ‘take back control; inspired millions of Britons to free our nation from the clutches of the intrusive, power-hungry European Union. So, you will understand that our voters are increasingly impatient that Britain’s borders, far from being within our control, seem more porous than ever.

“Our concern is that the institutional barrier of the Human Rights Act continues to act as a bulwark against meaningful reform leading to decisive action. A subversive legacy of Tony Blair’s Government, the Human Rights Act has had a frustrating effect well beyond its supposed merits, with subsequent Prime Ministers and Home Secretaries having their efforts to tackle illegal immigration stymied by this obstructive, outdated legislation.”

Marco Longhi called the issue of human rights legislation “completely toxic”, insisting it “comes up on the doorsteps all the time” in comments made to the Sunday Express.

“There is a danger that if we lose voters on this to parties like Reclaim or Reform then Labour will come through the middle and win back the seats because our vote is split,” he added.

Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith echoed his colleague’s sentiments, insisting: “We get more comments on this than any other issue and this has been the case for well over a year.”

Commenting on the letter, Ashfield MP Lee Anderson said on Sunday: “Have put my name to this. Another tool to solve the problem of illegal migrants and lefty lawyers preventing deportation of foreign criminals time and time again, is to repeal the HRA that enshrines the European Court of Human Rights Act into our legislation. We need our own Bill of Rights.”

The letter was preceded by Stoke-on-Trent North MP Jonathan Gullis’ comments in the House of Commons this week, where he raised the same issue, calling on Britain to “get out of the European Convention on Human Rights!”

“Then let’s scrap the Human Rights Act within this country so that those who are foreign national criminals in this country who are taking advantage of the system that’s currently there, and the illegal economic migrants crossing the English Channel and entering this country illegally can be deported back very much quicker than they currently are now,” Gullis added.