WATCH | Man who taunts loyalist marchers with IRA-inspired song gets double jabbed

A man who filmed himself playing provocative songs inspired by the IRA next to a loyalist march in Northern Ireland was the victim of some vigilante justice as he took a beating in his own vehicle by a man twice his age.

Mobile phone footage which was later posted on social media showed a male blasting ‘On The One Road’ by the Wolfe Tones – an Irish rebel group who took their name from a famous Irish nationalist – from his car, singing the lyrics with his window down the loyalist South Belfast Young Conquerors band marched down the street.

The song contains highly provocative lyrics to Unionists, including the verse: “Night is darkest just before the dawn / From dissention Ireland is reborn / Soon we’ll all be United Irishmen / Make our land a Nation Once Again.”

The man in the car is seen sarcastically saluting the band members and putting his thumbs up to them as he continues to play the controversial song.

As one band member took issue with the blatant provocation and began gesturing to the male in the vehicle, a woman filming from the passenger seat can be heard laughing in the background.

When the SBYC band member approaches the vehicle to confront the male, the driver of the vehicle arrogantly taunts the older gentleman, asking him repeatedly: “What are you gonna do?”

The senior citizen looks set to walk off before launching a right jab to the man’s face, twice, prompting gasps from the female in the passenger seat. The video then cuts off.

No need for a vaccine passport for him, he’s already been double jabbed.