WATCH | Muslim woman defends her right to wear niqab to the gym

A Muslim woman based in Houston, Texas has gone viral on social media for her, shall we say unconventional gym attire, as she chooses to wear full Islamic dress to her favourite workout spot.

Ahlam Mohammad Ali can be seen lifting tyres, doing pull ups and enjoying boxercise sparring in traditional Muslim dress, equipped with the niqab but insists it doesn’t hinder her performance.

“You can still live your life to please God, but you can still also do things that you enjoy doing, which for me is fitness,” Ali explained.

“I wanted to show that me wearing the niqab and the hijab and loose clothing is not stopping me or limiting me. It’s not making me feel ashamed to represent myself as a Muslim woman and to put myself out there in a good way,” she added.

“It is very rare that you see a Niqabi woman in the gym, just because the idea behind it is when a Muslim woman covers properly, she is not supposed to draw your attention to herself,” she added.

Her videos have received something of a mixed response, with some praising her decision not to let her loyalty to her God prevent her from doing something she loves, and others branding the video “ridiculous” and suggesting intense workouts on gym equipment in such attire is not just hazardous due to the risk of injury but also dangerous to her health due to the risk of overheating.

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