WATCH | Shocking footage shows migrant trash bus in broad daylight, Salvini reacts

Italian politician Matteo Salvini has once again drawn attention to the ongoing disruption being caused in Italian cities by newcomers as migrants continue to flood into the country via its southern coastline.

In shocking footage posted on social media by the Lega party leader, an African migrant can be seen using a rock to smash up a stationary bus in the northern city of Milan.

Passers-by watch as the man casually vandalises the vehicle, breaking the glass of the windscreen and every window completely unchallenged. One man can be heard yelling at the vandal who ignores protestations and continues with his destruction of public transport.

“Another precious ‘resource’ maintained at the expense of the Italians,” Salvini fumed in his social media post.

The video prompted furious responses from his fellow countrymen.

“This is the thanks for us who welcome them in our country. Welcome to Italy, where you can do whatever the hell you want,” wrote one social media user.

After we welcomed them, cared for, fed and dressed them now they no longer know what to do to make us understand how much they despise us,” another responded whilst a third claimed: “In Italy you can do anything and you are not punished, on the contrary they even give you an income.”

Milan has been a settling ground for a number of migrants who have travelled up from the country’s southern coastline after arriving illegally in Europe.

One Italian MEP described the nation’s historic northern city as being “like the third world” as an influx of illegal immigration continues to lead to a rise in violence on the city’s streets.

Lega’s Silvia Sardone lamented the “absolute degradation” of the city following a mass brawl between dozens of migrants in the city’s Duomo Square back in June. Footage showed the newcomers launching chairs and other articles at each other as locals ran from the scene.

Earlier this month, a forty-five year-old Ivorian was detained by Italian authorities for attempting to sexually assault a nine-year-old girl before stabbing her uncle in a local park.