NHS staff to attend BLM brainwashing courses

NHS England staff are to attend courses promoting the extremely controversial Black Lives matter movement consisting of the whole menu of woke terminology and Marxist theories.

The Telegraph has learnt that employees are being invited to attend new diversity courses providing blemish-free instruction on the BLM movement, its history, philosophy and key messages. The defunding of the police, a central pillar of the anarcho-Marxist movement, has somehow slipped from the syllabus.

Four-in-five NHS staff are white, fewer than the national average. Nevertheless, the training mercilessly attacks supposed white privilege. Other woke concepts included in the training are unconscious bias, “authentic allyship” and intersectionality, all of which are strongly suspected of being intended to cause guilt in people who are white.

The training explains: “BLM’s philosophy would encourage the NHS to critically evaluate its organisations and practices to address the systemic barriers which have retained and relegated BME nurses to the lower tiers of the nursing hierarchy for decades.”

Double standards are both blatant and extreme. A recent blog post on the NHS Leadership Academy’s website entitled, “Dear White People” discouraged white colleagues from talking about race. But when it comes to hiring decisions, it’s only about race apparently.

For instance, the course encourages white folk to “honestly explore how racism privileges you and how racism injures BME [black and minority ethnic] people.”

In what comes across as a direct afront to open, tolerant, democratic values encouraging people to get along with one another in spite of their differences, the course warns, “you may lose ‘friends’ as you commit to anti-racist allyship”.

In addition: “To become authentic allies who will be in the struggle for the long haul, white people will need to deliberately and honestly work on understanding white culture and white privilege… White people will need to see themselves as racial beings.”

Training also asks NHS staff to reflect on “what is white privilege” and the “importance of understanding your personal privilege”.

There has been plenty of negative reaction, particularly given the recent tax hike to fund health and social care – the NHS’s diversity boss earns £235,000 a year, £35,000 more than the previous chief executive of the whole service.

“Managers, nurses and doctors are being indoctrinated with deadly doses of dodgy diversity and pernicious propaganda, all at the taxpayers’ expense,” complained a Whitehall source.

Earlier this month, Health Secretary Sajid Javid attempted to marginally soften the blow of the rise in National Insurance by pledging to be “watchful for any waste or wokery”.

“Taxpayers expect their money to be focused on improving frontline NHS services, not wasted on woke causes,” said Danielle Boxall of the Taxpayers Alliance.

“There are already extensive laws to prevent discrimination in the workplace so training programmes like this should not be required.

“With the upcoming spending review, ministers should cut back on these controversial courses and save much-needed funds.”