WATCH | Machete-wielding bandits waltz through high street after “big gang fight with knives”

Shocking footage has been posted on social media of thugs marauding down a high street in Ilford on the outskirts of London on Saturday.

The two men are clad in dark sports clothing, hoods up, faces obscured by black masks. Both are carrying huge machetes – increasingly the weapon of choice among London street gangs. Passers-by can be heard gasping as they make their way down the street, weapons in hand. 

At the beginning of the clip, a young man can be heard yelling aggressively, “where’s my Ps? Where’s my Ps?”

“Ps” is street slang for cash. The bandits seem to be running away from him. The cameraman can be heard speaking into his radio and calling for the police. “There’s been a knife attack, a knife attack,” he says.

He later adds: “Big gang fight with knives”. At that moment, a youth scurries over to a bench and takes what appears to be someone’s abandoned shopping.

The video was posted on a Redbridge Borough community Instagram account, which states the attack occurred on Saturday.

Following a bad week for the police – several social media posts showed officers supporting and protecting unwashed activists blocking the M25 – the attack in Ilford has stoked rising disdain towards British law enforcement.

“It’s the bloody police in this country, do f**k all,” commented one person on Instagram, adding, “they don’t want to do paperwork, cos the system doesn’t back them.”

A common theme was the increasing prevalence of serious crime in the area.

“Ilford used to be a sought after area to live and shop. Long gone now. Enriched. Who would of thought all those years ago?” sighed one person.

“Omg [oh my God] getting too bad, never used to be like this,” posted another on social media.

Saturday’s hit and run is just the latest knife incident in Ilford this month. On 6 September, a 14-year-old girl was stabbed in the neck during a violent altercation on a residential street.

A week later, a man in his 60s was stabbed after he and his wife were robbed by two men. According to reports, “substantial” amounts of cash were taken from them. The man was taken to hospital. His injury was deemed non-life-threatening.