WATCH | More drivers confront eco-extremists on M25 as police step up response

Fanatical environmental protesters have resumed their sit-ins at junctions along the M25 this morning, blocking traffic.

In scenes reminiscent of last week, drivers have been getting out of their vehicles to give unwashed activists trying to raise awareness for better home insulation a piece of their mind.

Insulate Britain protesters successfully halted traffic at Junction 18.

LBC have captured footage of a motorist storming towards activists and tearing to shreds their justification for causing gridlock.

As he approaches the cowering protesters the man tells them, “why the hell do you think this is the right thing to do. I know what you’re fighting, I completely agree, this [insulation] is a really, really good idea, but this is not the way to do it.

“You’re causing more pollution with all these cars sitting here just doing f**k all,” he adds, getting visibly angrier.

“You’re making people hate you. Go and protest London, go down to Downing Street.”

One of the protesters meekly replies: “This is affecting the economy and that’s the only thing the government understands.”

The police have continued to adopt more robust tactics this morning after being shamed last week for pandering to protesters. Still, footage has emerged of another angry motorist being stopped from venting his fury.

In the clip, the driver strides over to a sit-in before be being held back by officers. As he retreats the man loudly explains that he will have to travel further because of the blockade, and therefore cause more pollution. “It’s up to you f**king freaks”, he adds scornfully.

And following reports yesterday that a woman was left paralysed after being stuck in traffic caused by an Insulate Britain protest while her son desperately tried to get her to hospital following a stroke, the Telegraph reports that police have struggled to reach eco-extremists this morning due to being trapped behind one of their roadblocks. 

Police clashed with protesters at the M25 near Dartmouth. Footage posted on social media shows protesters being dragged off the tarmac and dumped on the grass. In one satisfying scene, officers haul protesters down the verge while traffic flows freely in the background.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Foreign Office minister, James Cleverly said: “It is a completely inappropriate way of making the point they’re trying to make, and I know the police have been taking action, the Home Secretary has made it very, very clear that they should be taking action, the police should take action when people are taking part in criminal behaviour, and that’s what I think everybody will expect.”