WATCH | Nick Ferrari ferociously shames M25 eco-extremist leader, “someone has virtually died as a consequence of your actions”

Nick Ferrari has launched an extraordinary attack against one of the organisers of disruptive protests being held along the M25 by radical environmentalists. In the must-watch exchange, the popular LBC host directly accused the activist leader and his accomplices of effectively killing a woman who had been caught in gridlocked traffic caused by one of their many blockades.

Last week, Insulate Britain, the hated organisation behind the M25 roadblocks, made a big deal of giving emergency vehicles free passes (see clip below).

What the organisers of the protests foolishly neglected to consider was that people might be racing loved ones in urgent need of care to hospital using the M25 in their own cars.

Yesterday, this site reported on one such tragic incident. A woman was left with “complete paralysis” down the left side of her body after her son failed to reach a hospital in time after being caught in traffic caused by the eco-extremists.

Ferrari invited Insulate Britain spokesperson, Liam Norton onto his radio show to explain his organisation’s actions, and asked him what he would say to grief-stricken son, Chris.   

“Firstly, our hearts go out to Chris and his mother,” said Norton as if reading from a script.

“It’s a tragic situation…It’s terrible isn’t it Nick?”

Ferrari made no secret of how appalled he was by his guest’s casual demeanour and asked him to justify the protesters’ actions.

Norton’s reply was muddled, he eventually accused Ferrari of being unable to “emotionally connect with the truth”.

“Don’t lecture me about emotional connection,” he snapped.

Norton continued with his defence. As so often with climate fanatics, he callously dismissed the significance of individual tragedies compared to the “suffering of millions of people”.

Ferrari has heard it all before and quickly snuffed out Norton’s inhumane argument, reacting with an utterly damning accusation

“I’m talking to you about the suffering of Chris’s mother, which you brought about with your colleagues.”

He went on to obliterate the spokesperson’s “suffering of millions” argument before hammering home is accusation.

Raising his voice, a near-tearful Ferrari thumped his desk as he blasted: “That woman effectively dying in front of her son’s eyes is down to you and your colleagues.

“So when are you going to suddenly stop with these lame apologies and actually accept that this is not the way to protest!?”

Confronted with another limp response, Ferrari declared: “I’ve had enough… What is awful is that someone has virtually died as a consequence of your actions.”

Ferrari’s broadcast also featured a call in from a grieving woman who had missed her grandmother’s funeral as a result of the roadblocks and praised the radio host for “standing up” to the eco-mob.

She described the gridlock on the M25 as “terrible” and scorned Insulate Britain activists.

“These people don’t have hearts,” she said.