EXPOSED! Insulate Britain leader’s home doesn’t have insulation

One of the leaders of Insulate Britain, the hated campaign group that has spent the past ten days bringing M25 traffic to a standstill with a series of sit-in protests, has not insulated his own home, which is also single-glazed and uses gas central heating.

The group claims the government is not doing enough to meet emissions targets intended to combat climate change – slight exaggeration considering the prime minister will speak at the UN today on the subject – and wants policies for more widespread home insulation.

Campaign spokesperson, Liam Norton has gained notoriety on the back of the protests that have provoked widespread condemnation online and on the M25 itself as enraged motorists have left their stationary vehicles to give a piece of their mind to unwashed activists – in one incident, a burly driver used a lot more than words.

Norton appeared on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show yesterday and staggeringly accused the no-nonsense radio host of being unable to “emotionally connect with the truth”.

Ferrari went onto savage Norton and his accomplices after a woman was left paralysed down the left side of her body. Her son had tried to rush her to hospital after a stroke, but got stuck in gridlocked traffic as a result of the IB protests.

What kind of scientist?

“That woman effectively dying in front of her son’s eyes is down to you and your colleagues,” Ferrari raged.

Norton’s demeanour was casual, his apologies rang hollow.

The Sun has further exposed the man’s lack of integrity following an investigation into the level of insulation at his home, or lack of.

Norton’s home in southwest London is without cavity wall insulation. He has gas central heating – the government recently unveiled expensive plans to make all boilers electric-only – and his windows are single-glazed. The property is owned by a housing association, but there are plenty of grants available to upgrade the home’s fuel efficiency.

“Instead of making people’s lives a misery, he needs to spend more time on home improvements,” said a source.

“This is a good example of one of Britain’s leaky homes and why we need the government to get on with the job,” said Norton in a statement.