Insulate Britain morons block main carriageway of M25

Eco-loons from Extinction Rebellion splinter group Insulate Britain have upped the ante this morning, attempting to block traffic on the main carriageway of the M25.

Footage captured by crack journalists at radio station LBC shows how members of the group stormed a busy section of motorway near Junction 10 earlier this morning.

In one piece of footage, Insulate Britain members are seen clearly outnumbering cops and storming onto the motorway as a lone police officer attempts to reel back in the first activist to make a move.

As the officer is trying to haul the activist out of the way of a large, green flatbed truck, the rest of the group swarms onto the tarmac to block four lanes of traffic.

Footage from the other side of the carriageway, seemingly taken as the initial protest took root, shows another group of activists making similar moves to block traffic in the opposite direction.

The left-wing protesters rushed into the face of moving traffic before police officers were forced to chase after them on the dangerous stretch of road, so they could haul them back towards the hard shoulder.

Surrey Police have now confirmed that 23 arrests have been made and the blockage has been successfully cleared.

Retired London cop Norman Brennan has chimed in, saying: “So these Morons are back obstructing the M25 they recently threatened to carry on doing this for months……let’s just see how long it is before something very horrible happens when a motorist(s) loses their cool; good to see police on the scene & dealing quicker in removing them!”

It follows a stream of criticism over the soft response of police to the ridiculous disruptive protests last week.

Last Wednesday this website reported on footage showing a uniformed officer giving activists a gentle final warning before arrest, saying things like “if any of you are in any discomfort or need anything, just let me know and we’ll try to sort you out – in a nice way” and “if you’ve got any questions at all, just ask”.

And the next day we highlighted footage that appeared to show a uniformed officer directing traffic to allow the loons to take up their position on the road. The decision was justified by the Metropolitan Police, who claimed that a “dynamic risk assessment” had been made and protecting the safety of Insulate Britain protesters as they decided to venture into traffic was an operational priority…