WATCH | Australian TV host reminds French that without Aussies, they’d be speaking German

A Sky News Australia host has launched into a furious tirade at Emmanuel Macron, accusing the French of “throwing their toys out of the cot” over a “$90 billion dud submarine deal”.

Chris Smith was incensed by the French President’s decision to recall the nation’s ambassador to Australia and for attempting to sink a free trade agreement currently being negotiated between Brussels and Canberra, reminding the French that without the Australian blood that was spilled on French soil, they’d be speaking German.

“Talk about an overreaction,” Smith raged as he described France’s response to the AUKUS security pact as “one of the most over the top acts of whinging we’ve ever seen!”

“Here’s a message for Emmanuel Macron and his whiny mates in Paris. The contract was a dud deal, a disaster from Day One! The original tender document in 2016 estimated the cost of twelve French subs to be $25bn. That grew to $50bn, then $60bn. Then $70bn, $80bn and finally it hit $90bn and the project was way behind schedule anyway!

“When you add in lifetime maintenance costs, the bill for Aussie taxpayers would have been $300bn, for subs which would have been obsolete by the time they hit the water!” Smith told viewers.

“The first French sub wouldn’t have been ready until 2035 and the last one wouldn’t have hit the water until 2050! Overpriced, oversold and certainly outdated. As Scott Morrison points out, he’s been raising concerns about the contract for six months! The French could see it coming a mile off.

“A military pact with the US and the UK over state-of-the-art nuclear powered subs just required us to bite the bullet and do what was best for Australia’s security,” the host explained.

“As for the French, this is more than just ridiculous. We’ve fought alongside that country in two world wars! Thousands of Australians have given their lives for the liberation of the French.

“There are entire fields on the Western Front filled with the bodies of Australians who weren’t even old enough to shave… And they want to recall their ambassadors and ruin a potential free trade agreement that we’ve worked on for three years?

“When it comes to saving face, the French are just as sensitive about that as the Chinese. To Emmanuel Macron, tell your goons to back off and just remember if it weren’t for the death-defying feat of Aussie soldiers and some excellent commanders, the Germans would have taken Paris through Amiens in World War One in a heartbeat! That is a debt worth far more than a torn up contract over a few dud subs!”