Insulate Britain spokesman storms off GMB during row over group’s tactics

Liam Norton, a leader in the Insulate Britain splinter group, spectacularly stormed off the set of ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain earlier today following a row about the group’s controversial tactics.

At one point in the heated exchange, Norton was asked how he felt about a woman who suffered a stroke whole blocked in backed up traffic by the group, and who is now paralysed.

Asked what he would say to the woman’s son, Norton replied: “We obviously feel terrible and I would apologise and say how bad I felt, and he’d probably tell me to eff off. And I accept that, but it doesn’t change the position that we’re in, in terms of the climate…”

But Norton eventually stropped off the set having appeared to compare his movement to Winston Churchill’s defiant opposition to Adolf Hitler while most British MPs favoured appeasement.

“So gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen watching this programme, we now know that these protesters are actually following in the footsteps of Winston Churchill” joked Richard Madeley after Norton huffed off. “That is the level of intellectual debate that they’re able to bring to the table. They actually compare themselves to the stand that Winston Churchill took against Hitler. That’s their parallel…”

Since the start of last weeks, acolytes of the campaign have staged a number of protests on the M25 – blocking traffic on slip roads and upping the ante yesterday with an attempt to block a major carriageway.

It’s caused such backlash that the Home Secretary Priti Patel and the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps have successfully sought a court injunction along with National Highways that effectively bars the stunts. Those now entering the motorway could face contempt of court charges and time behind bars.

Norton was also confronted over the lack of insulation in his own home, a story covered by this website yesterday, and Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley once again repeated his claim that the group’s tactics were akin to fascism.