Tory MPs call for tough approach to Insulate Britain hippies

Prominent Tory MPs Lee Anderson and Ben Bradley have called for a tough approach to Insulate Britain protesters who obstruct roads, with welcome news earlier today announcing one of Britian’s top courts had issued an injunction that could see M25 road-blockers caged.

Ben Bradley, the leader of the Blue Collar Conservatives, said to radio station LBC: “It’s not about inconvenience. It’s literally putting lives at risk, particularly running across the motorway in front of traffic.

“I think they want locking up, frankly, and I hope that somebody who was involved in that protest where that woman was paralysed gets sued because they should be.”

And Mr Anderson, a former Labour councillor who now serves as no nonsense Tory MP for the Red Wall seat of Ashfield, fumed in the House of Commons earlier today: “Does the minister agree with me that the police should now adopt a zero-tolerance approach, and as soon as one of these morons steps foot on the motorway that they should be carted off in an electric police van and locked up in a fully insulated cell?”

Their comments echo remarks made last week by former Met DCI Mick Neville, who blasted “Guardian-reading” police bosses for sympathising with left-wing activists and hiring fellow officers who fit the same mould.

“What you need is some ex-soldiers there grabbing hold of them, as Andy Trotter said, put them in the handcuffs and put them at the side of the road” said Neville. “That’s what the public want to see – the police pander too much to these silly protests rather than the guys and girls who just want to get in their cars and go to work.”