“Silly, dangerous hippy-crites!” Rees-Mogg slams Insulate Britain activists

Jacob Rees-Mogg has hit out at the disruptive campaign group Insulate Britain for its latest attempts to wreak havoc on hard-working Brits, calling its notorious eco-warriors “silly, dangerous hippy-crites”.

The Leader of the House of Commons was responding to a question by Conservative MP Tom Hunt in the chamber on Thursday, who had called for a debate in government time to discuss potential law changes necessary to give authorities the power to “robustly deal with these troublemakers”.

“Yes, my honourable friend is right to raise this,” Rees-Mogg replied. “A lot of them are being exposed as the most ridiculous humbug – I think it’s The Sun who discovered that they pretend to want insulation but don’t insulate not only the houses that they live in but the houses that they let out to other people.

One of them stormed off some television programme in a great huff when it was revealed that he was a frightful old humbug! So I think we should know these people for what they are – they are silly, dangerous hippy-crites!

“But I’m glad to tell my honourable friend that the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which is under consideration in the Lords contains proportionate measures to enable the police to deal better with disruptive protests. Putting public nuisance on a statutory footing as recommended by the independent Law Commission will increase the powers available to the police for dealing with this sort of protest.

“Proper peaceful protest and freedom of speech is fundamental. But causing risk to life and liberty is not!”