Insulate Britain eco-loons turn sights on Port of Dover

Some Insulate Britain eco-loons have diverted their attention to the Port of Dover this morning after a court ruling earlier this risk put them at risk of caging if they continued to protest on the M25.

Footage from radio station LBC shows a group of the activists, complete with banners, taking to a road near the Port of Dover in the hopes of blocking traffic to the key port. Police are seen in the clip attempting to shift the protesters, but failing.

It comes after a week and a half of protests on the M25, one of Britain’s biggest and most important motorways.

This website reported on Tuesday how the hippies had upped the ante on last week’s road blockages by running onto the main carriageway of the motorway, blocking traffic in both directions and forcing frontline cops to chase them into the path of moving traffic.

But their antics there have been thwarted by a court injunction sought by the government and National Highways forbidding such protests, putting activists at the risk of imprisonment under UK contempt of court laws.

So some of their number have now turned their attention to the Port of Dover, a key hub for UK shipping and travel. One of those in attendance brought a sign suggesting they had already been arrested four times.

The injunction itself followed a stream of criticism over the soft response of the authorities to the ridiculous disruptive protests last week.

Last Wednesday this website reported on footage showing a uniformed officer giving activists a gentle final warning before arrest, saying things like “if any of you are in any discomfort or need anything, just let me know and we’ll try to sort you out – in a nice way” and “if you’ve got any questions at all, just ask”.

And the next day we highlighted footage that appeared to show a uniformed officer directing traffic to allow the loons to take up their position on the road. The decision was justified by the Metropolitan Police, who claimed that a “dynamic risk assessment” had been made and protecting the safety of Insulate Britain protesters as they decided to venture into traffic was an operational priority…