Le Pen would introduce “national priority” policy for social housing

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen announced on Thursday a new prospective policy that would implement into the French Constitution safeguards to prioritise French nationals for social housing ahead of all others.

The National Rally leader, widely expected to challenge Emmanuel Macron for France’s top job in the presidential election in April claimed during a press conference in Metz that “immigrant households are twice as often [to be] renters of low-cost housing” than French nationals, calling for a reverse of the “foreign priority” status quo which she described as a “total deviation of the primary mission of social housing”.

The constitutional change would be put to a national referendum, Le Pen added, who reiterated her intention was to “make the French priority at home”, claiming that currently “it is the reverse logic which applies”.

“All French people, whether of French origin or having obtained French nationality, must be able to benefit from national priority in housing,” Le Pen told reporters. “The condition to benefit from the national priority is to have French nationality.”

“Social housing, for example, is financed by the French. It is natural that they are given priority to access it,” the nationalist firebrand added.

“We will also solve the problem of the ghettoization and communitization of entire neighborhoods,” she pledged.

“The national priority is a measure of justice, simple, clear and common sense,” Le Pen claimed, adding that the national priority policy would also apply to employment.

Polling for next year’s election had been promising for Le Pen if she made it to a two-horse race run-off with Emmanuel Macron with the pair neck and neck, however the rise in prominence of star polemicist Eriz Zemmour threatens her chances by splitting the vote on the right if he opts to run, something he is currently doing in all but name…