Trump now more popular than Biden among Americans in damning new poll

Biden regret is on the rise across America as fresh polling reveals Donald Trump now has a higher favorability rating than his successor, just eight months after the Democrat took office.

A damning new poll by Harvard-Harris puts former President, Trump on a positive rating of 48 per cent, two points higher than Biden on 46 per cent, whose favourability has plummeted by eleven percentage points since May.

Biden arrived in the White House on a wave of approval beaming from the media, while Trump was constantly trashed in the aftermath of the insurrection – a term used gleefully by liberal commentators – on Capitol Hill.

But events have caught up with Mr Biden. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which saw the Taliban stroll back into power after two decades of US involvement in the country, is not the only notable failure.

The Times notes that vice-president, Kamala Harris is suffering a dreadful PR disaster from scenes of masses of Mexicans crossing the border after she was handed responsibility over immigration, a key issue for millions of Americans. Her approval ratings have also slumped and like Biden, finds herself behind the previous office-holder, Mike Pence. 55% of those polled are more favourable to Trump’s VP.

The bullish Mike Pompeo, who saw out the Trump administration as Secretary of State, has risen above his successor, the bookish Antony Blinken, by an even bigger margin. 63% prefer Pompeo.

Blinken has been hammered by the catastrophe in Afghanistan, which has also harmed Biden. Deadlock in Congress is also killing Biden’s reputation after he arrived in office on a big-spending ticket.

A bill to spend $1.1 trillion on infrastructure backed by both parties is being held hostage by hard-left Democrats who want colleagues to back a $3.5 trillion welfare spending package loathed by Republicans.

The co-director of the Harvard-Harris survey, Mark Penn said: “The mounting issues on all fronts have led to the surprise conclusion that Trump is now seen as being as good a president as Biden, suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced with buyer’s remorse.

“People see Pence as a better VP by ten points and overwhelmingly see Pompeo as far better than Blinken, who has been out front on Afghanistan.”

The Harvard-Harris poll is not a one-off. Biden’s support in the bellweather state of Iowa has slumped. A survey there saw his approval drop from 43% to 31%.

Yesterday’s monthly Gallup poll recorded 43% support for the President, a drop of 6 points.

“Among elected presidents since World War Two, only Trump has had a lower job approval rating than Biden does at a similar point in their presidencies,” Gallup said.