Government wins new injunction against Insulate Britain loons

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed that the government and National Highways have successfully won yet another High Court injunction against Insulate Britain eco-loons, this time covering the Port of Dover.

It comes after a Tuesday injunction was issued barring the left-wing loons from blockading parts of the M25, only for the unwashed hippies to shift their attention to the Port of Dover instead.

This website reported yesterday on footage captured by crack journalists at radio station LBC, showing members of the radical activist group blocking roads around Britain’s most important port – with police officers struggling to deal with the obstructive protesters.

“Injunction granted. The actions of protesters blocking our ports and critical roads is completely unacceptable – which is why I’ve taken out a further injunction covering the A20 and associated strategic routes to Port of Dover” said Mr Shapps.

Mr Shapps had earlier slammed the protests, saying: “We won’t tolerate reckless behaviour on motorways or ports (Dover this morning). I’m therefore seeking a further injunction to prevent this disruption. Living in a democracy everyone is entitled to protest, but that doesn’t extend to closing roads and ruining livelihoods.”

But law-abiding Brits are becoming increasingly frustrated by the farcical game of Whack-A-Mole that is developing between state authorities are disruptive eco-loons, with one member of the public responding to Shapps: “I find it staggering your initial injunction only covers motorways and not all major transport hubs and routes.”

It follows widespread criticism of police bosses for their earlier soft approach to the activists too.

On the Wednesday before last, this website reported on footage showing a uniformed officer giving activists a gentle final warning before arrest, saying things like “if any of you are in any discomfort or need anything, just let me know and we’ll try to sort you out – in a nice way” and “if you’ve got any questions at all, just ask”.

And the next day we highlighted footage that appeared to show a uniformed officer directing traffic to allow the loons to take up their position on the road. The decision was justified by the Metropolitan Police, who claimed that a “dynamic risk assessment” had been made and protecting the safety of Insulate Britain protesters as they decided to venture into traffic was an operational priority…