Labour MPs try to wedge claims NHS “institutionally racist” in pandemic report

Two Labour MPs have tried to insert accusations the NHS is “institutionally racist” into a landmark parliamentary report on the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Telegraph reports that Dawn Butler, who sits on the Commons Science and Technology Committee, and Sarah Owen, a member of the Health and Social Committee, tried to persuade colleagues the NHS had exhibited signs of rampant racial prejudice during the pandemic even though none of the countless witnesses who have spoken before the committees have made such a claim.

It was “a genuine jaw-on-the-table moment when they tried to force the issue,” said an MP present at the meeting during which Butler and Owen made their “series of assertions without any data or supporting evidence”.

According to the Telegraph, following a final meeting on Monday between MPs, the “lessons learned” report is due to be published in the next few days and will not include the Labour duo’s politically charged proposals.

Butler is acquiring a shabby reputation for trying (and failing) to pull off political stunts with little bearing on policy and governance.

In June she attempted to shame Liz Truss for cancelling Whitehall’s partnership with controversial LGBT group, Stonewall after its woke training programme was deemed too expensive by the Human Rights Commission.

Butler posted a poll on Twitter asking followers whether they trusted the Women and Equalities Minister – who has retained the portfolio since being promoted to Foreign Secretary at this month’s Cabinet reshuffle. The poll backfired spectacularly (see below) with social media users falling in behind Truss.

Butler piped up over the landmark race report published by Tony Sewell in March that concluded Britain was not institutionally racist and found that white children perform worse than the majority of ethnic minorities.

“I think it is disgusting that a Member of this House will stand up and accuse people of being racial gatekeepers,” Butler ranted to MPs.

“This is the same nonsense we have heard time and time again—calling people Uncle Toms, calling them house negroes and house slaves, and calling them racial gatekeepers. The fact that the hon. Lady is able to stand here and use that phrase without any shame whatsoever just shows how far the Labour party has fallen.”

She has continued her crusade, weaponising Covid, which has hit non-white Britons hardest, a trend easily accounted for by demographic patterns and vaccine uptake rates.